Huron Components

a subsidiary of DL Cohen Construction Company LLC

Reduced Cost, Improved Schedule, Better Quality

Huron Components, a subsidiary of DL Cohen Construction Company LLC, is an offsite component manufacturer whose present day operations were begun in 2021. Huron successfully engaged the premier component management personnel in the Denver market. Ultimately coupling our staff with the premier software and equipment available enables Huron Components to support multifamily construction in a dramatically improved fashion, unrivaled in the Denver market.

Huron Components’ manufacturing process begins with robust preconstruction. Design review & CAD overlay of the Architectural plans occurs whereby the building is “built” 3-Dimenionally months prior to actual field installation or wall construction. The model then drives the cutting and marking of all wall plates to a level of accuracy not remotely attainable with traditionally field-built wood framed product. Sheathing application is similarly controlled resulting in properly driven and applied fasteners, every time. Huron Components performs all shipping functions in-house.

Huron Components is a specialized supplier of multi-family components in the Denver market. The combination of top-tier staff, new equipment, the most advanced structural design software available, a commercially appropriate facility with yard space necessary to support schedule demands of multi-family clients positions Huron Components as well as parent-company DL Cohen Construction for dependable execution.

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