Cohen family construction roots run deep in Colorado.  DL Cohen Construction Company was founded in June 2009 by the father and son team of David and Ross Cohen following in the construction tradition of their family. 

David has been in the construction industry his entire career. While still in high school, David started working at his father’s construction company Al Cohen Construction as a laborer and carpenter, eventually working up to Superintendent.  David went to college at the Colorado School of Mines and earned his degree in Civil Engineering.  He then returned to working at Al Cohen Construction, and, by the mid-1980s, had gained an ownership position and became the vice president of the company.  David was the Chief Construction Engineer on the construction of the City Center 4 (often still referred to as the Qwest building) in Downtown Denver.  This 52-story building project was completed in an accelerated time frame of 19 months, and Al Cohen Construction Company won the Build America Award from the Associated General Contractors of America upon its completion.  

Following the sale of Al Cohen Construction Company to The Weitz Company in 1986, David pursued both development and technological process improvements in the construction industry.  David has developed, patented, and operated several innovative, comprehensive assembly-line homebuilding processes targeted for large, new communities.  Today, David’s deep experience is evident in DL Cohen Construction Company’s commitment to professionalism and innovation in problem solving that is uncustomary in the commercial framing arena.

Ross, just like his father, started working in the construction industry as a young man. Also much like his father, Ross started independently contracting work and engaging others to work alongside him in his teens.  Ross earned his Real Estate and Construction Management Degree from the University of Denver.  While still attending the University of Denver, Ross took a college internship with a framing contractor that later became a full-time position, and so began Ross’ career in framing.

In June of 2009, David and Ross joined forces to form DL Cohen Construction Company. Though there was little work to be had following the recession of 2008, David and Ross were successful in attracting the right staff to leverage the knowledge and relationships of decades spent in the Denver-based construction industry.  The initial years were focused in the custom residential industry, followed by production single-family home communities, to townhome projects, and now to large multi-family housing & commercial framing.

Today, DL Cohen Construction Company has grown into a sought-after company for those demanding professional performance in commercial framing.  Learning from the past, with a commitment to continual improvement by our committed and motivated staff, our approach to commercial carpentry is entirely unique in the Denver market.

The first pillar of DL Cohen Construction Company’s approach, one that is truly unique to commercial framing contractors in this market, is our emphasis and reliance on our Pre-operations support.  We are able to provide both highly accurate bidding and valuable budgetary support as well as code interpretation along with alternates, material specifications ideas or substitutions, extensive coordination support for related scopes including HVAC, steel. and concrete contractor framing embedments.  It is during pre-operations that we weave together all of the pieces, positioning ourselves and clients for successful execution from start to finish without the avoidable pitfalls that are all too common in framing and multi-family construction.

Our approach to Operations is equally focused on a professional execution of our work and contracts.  Our top priority operationally is to promote safe work practices.  To this point, our mandates to our staff and subcontractors often exceed OSHA standards.  Each of our projects has full time, on-site management allocated to it and often a team of DL Cohen employees.  Our field staff is effectively supported by our home office through very open and eager lines of communication with the Pre-ops team as well as with strong technology systems and tools.  We are keenly aware of schedules and able to dependably forecast both when we will be able to complete our tasks as well as to work in tandem with our clients and other trades for our collective benefit.

With dedicated managers in accounting, pre-operations, and operations augmented by the appropriate staff to execute work professionally, DL Cohen Construction Company is unique in our ability to support clients, from bidding through to project close out, to achieve superior results.

DL Cohen Construction Company’s strength is in its staff, their passion for professional carpentry, and our shared commitment to always doing the right thing.